Snoh Ice Shavery

How often does it snow in Phoenix? Natives and long-time residents will usually say there’s noticeable snowfall in the heart of the metropolitan area about once a decade, usually with a fine layer of white powder melting soon after contact with the ground. Outlying areas at higher elevations see a little more, and it’s not uncommon to see white peaks among the Mazatzal and Superstition mountains in the distance. In the Evans Churchill neighborhood at the north end of Downtown Phoenix, snow is now falling on a regular basis in the form of frozen desserts. Continue reading “Snoh Ice Shavery”

Bliss / reBar

The comfort food trend has been around so long that it’s probably no longer accurate to call it a trend at all. Given the economic, social, and political turmoil of the past few decades, it’s a given that even the most adventurous diners will sometimes find solace in familiar foods — ones people remember from childhood, even if the renditions they ate when young weren’t always terribly good. Certain restaurants now exist in most cities primarily to offer updated, versions of home cooking classics, and in Phoenix, Bliss / reBar fits that niche at the north end of Downtown. Continue reading “Bliss / reBar”

The Breadfruit

Almost every child gets to hear at least one relative say, “You’ve gotten so big,” or “You’re all grown up,”  especially when a few years have passed between encounters. On Pierce Street in Downtown Phoenix, just a few blocks south of the Roosevelt / Central light rail station, the Breadfruit has done its share of rapid maturation. The Jamaican restaurant started in 2008 as a small BYOB, but has since obtained a liquor license and opened Rum Bar in the space next door, all without losing sight of the quality of the food served in the restaurant’s compact dining room.


Continue reading “The Breadfruit”

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