Fatty Daddy’s

As ice cream shops come and go throughout the metropolitan area, successful ones often need to find an angle to differentiate themselves. That may mean unique flavors, a specific style, or an inventive presentation. At the north end of downtown Phoenix, a small store known as Fatty Daddy’s (sometimes written with the initials “OG” in front of its name on social media) has created its own niche by offering ice cream side-by-side with espresso, boba, bubble waffles, macarons, and cookies in a sort of Asian-American-European celebration of frozen desserts.

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Milk Run

There’s a longstanding saying that “dessert goes in a separate chamber,” a convenient rationalization for finding room for something sweet even after a substantial meal. At Milk Run, an ice cream and boba tea shop adjacent to the popular Vietnamese restaurant Pho Thanh, maybe an actual walk to a separate room next door reinforces that notion just enough to make a frozen treat after a bowl of pho appealing. Phoenix can always use another good ice cream shop, especially one with tropical flavors well matched to its neighbors southeast Asian food. Continue reading “Milk Run”

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