Cornish Pasty Company

Many culinary traditions from around the world incorporate the idea of handheld food. For most Americans, a hamburger or a burrito are common choices that provide a filling meal while remaining portable and easily consumed while multitasking. In the mining towns of southwestern England, there’s a tradition of a handheld food known as a pasty, a comforting, hearty stuffed pastry easily transported underground to be consumed during a meal break in the middle of a day of dangerous, demanding work below the surface of the Earth in Cornwall.

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The Dhaba

Looking at Indian restaurants in America, it used to be that the cuisine of south Asia was so exotic that any Indian restaurant would do. As a result, most followed the same format with a generic menu and closed the deal with a lunch buffet. Thankfully, some variety has emerged. There are southern Indian restaurants around town, as well as the occasional chaat shop for snacks. Along Tempe’s Apache Boulevard, The Dhaba serves food from the Punjab region of northern India and explores that specialty in more depth than most local Indian restaurants. Continue reading “The Dhaba”

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