The Vig Fillmore

On the north side of downtown Phoenix, Fillmore Street hasn’t always gotten much respect. Like the antebellum one-term president it is named for, Millard Fillmore, the corridor has sort of just been there. Fillmore acts as a collector street halfway between better known Van Buren and more trendy Roosevelt, but it hasn’t had much of an identity of its own. That has started to change with new protected bike lanes east of Central Avenue, and newly constructed apartment building joining the popular Vig Fillmore restaurant along the street’s western segment.

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Republica Empanada

There a lot of things that even many locals don’t know about Mesa. One is that the city is home not only to a large population of Mexican heritage, but also to a significant presence of people with origins elsewhere in Latin America. That’s why Mesa has been home over the years to restaurants serving underappreciated cuisines such as Peruvian and Guatemalan. The newest addition is Republica Empanada, which serves the stuffed specialities of Central America, specifically Costa Rica, along with a few dishes originating in the interior of Mexico. Continue reading “Republica Empanada”

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