Chico Malo

It’s hard to believe that CityScape, the two-block mixed use development at the crossroads of downtown Phoenix, is nearly a decade old. While built with support from city government and the business community, the complex has sometimes been viewed as a “bad boy” for turning its back towards the street on key blocks. Now, a Mexican restaurant named “Chico Malo,” Spanish for bad boy, is located in one of the complex’s most visible retail locations, a block from the Washington / Central (westbound) and Jefferson / First Avenue (eastbound) light rail platforms. Continue reading “Chico Malo”

Restaurant Atoyac Estilo Oaxaca

May 2, 2014 Update: The restaurant formerly known as Tacos Atoyac has been renamed Restaurant Atoyac Estilo Oaxaca. The menu is unchanged.

In the indigenous Mexican language Nahuatl, the word “atoyac” describes a place by running water. Tacos Atoyac, a Mexican restaurant located on Glendale Avenue in Phoenix, isn’t particularly close to water. Even the nearest canals are about three miles away. It is, however, just across the street from the  19th Avenue / Glendale light rail station, so there is a sort of river of rail that flows by the restaurant. Water or not, this is a decidedly casual place that stands out among the numerous Mexican restaurants throughout the metropolitan area.


Continue reading “Restaurant Atoyac Estilo Oaxaca”

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