Grilled Ave Teriyaki House

IIn most cities, the term “avenue” implies a broad arterial street. In the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, any street west of Central Avenue can be a numbered avenue, and even on the east side of town, “avenue” is a term used more liberally than in many other places. In Tempe, Forest Avenue has a brief three-block span between the Tempe Transportation Center and Arizona State University, but that short length is packed with dense development and diverse dining options. One restaurant, Grilled Ave Teriyaki House, even incorporates the idea of an avenue into its name.

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Haiku Grill

Nearly twenty years ago, the movie “Wayne’s World” left us with endless off-the-wall quotes from its hilarious dialogue. At one point, a conversation about a studio set that resembles Wayne’s basement leads Wayne to proclaim, “Garth, that was a haiku!” In the age of Twitter, it might seem that we’re all engaging in some amateur attempts at short-form self-expression. In between all those tweets, texts, and emails that might occupy a typical office worker’s day, there’s always a need for quick meals nearby. That’s the niche filled by Tempe’s Haiku Grill.


path from the light rail station


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