Thai Rama

Thai restaurants seem to come and go at a high frequency in Phoenix, expanding and contracting in loosely affiliated networks with establishments of the same name owned by different family members or business associates. One local veteran, Thai Rama, has varied its suburban locations over the years but has remained a consistent presence at its original address in central Phoenix. Near the Melrose and Grandview neighborhoods, Thai Rama has stood for several decades in a standalone building a few blocks west of the 7th Avenue / Camelback light rail station. Continue reading

Wild Thaiger

After years in the doldrums, Midtown seems to be enjoying a modest resurgence. In the linear business district along Central between McDowell and Indian School, employers such as Banner have occupied vacant space in office buildings, new residential construction is underway, and coworking spaces have set up shop. In fact, the name “Midtown,” long obscure to residents who thought of everything south of Camelback as “Downtown,” has acquired enough cachet to see its borders stretched, with restaurants as far east as 24th Street using “Midtown” in their names. Continue reading

Tom Yum

December 19, 2014 update: Thai’d Up has changed its name to Tom Yum. The menu is the same.

Restaurants with puns for names are so common that one scholar, Lynn Westney, has actually written papers and presented at conferences on the subject. On her lengthy lists of eateries that inspire chuckles, groans, or both, you’ll always find plenty of Thai restaurants. Phoenix is no exception to the trend, and with the number of Thai restaurants in the city’s downtown core having gone from zero to three in recent years, it’s inevitable that one of those restaurants would bear a name worthy of Westney’s lists. That distinction belongs to 2011 newcomer Thai’d Up.


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