Forno 301

It’s become a common complaint that “high rises” and “condos” are ruining Roosevelt Row and nearby neighborhoods. In reality, most of the construction isn’t tall enough to be meet any widely accepted definition of “high rise,” and most of what is being built is apartments rather than condominiums. More importantly, while a few businesses have been displaced, many are finding new homes in the ground floor of new residential mid-rises. Forno 301 is one of those businesses, having recently relocated from west Roosevelt to the Muse apartments a half mile to the north. Continue reading “Forno 301”


In a city like Phoenix, full of transplants from everywhere else in the country, pizza discussions often get heated. Residents originally from New York or Chicago often cling to the regional styles they grew up with and maintain those loyalties as vigorously as they cheer for their favorite sports teams. Even people who have lived here for decades often express some degree of chauvinism in favor of their “hometown” style of pizza. What then to make of Slices, located on the Sixth Street cul-de-sac three blocks south of the Mill Avenue / Third Street light rail station?

two slices with peppers, olives, and artichoke hearts

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La Bocca

If it’s not too painful, think back three years. Around this time in 2008, the nation’s financial system faced collapse, and the local real estate market was going from downturn to freefall with the Mortgages Ltd. debacle becoming a poster child for the burst bubble. In Downtown Tempe, that bankruptcy left the Centerpoint Condominiums standing half finished as a testament to unfulfilled dreams along Mill Avenue. It wasn’t exactly the best time to open a restaurant designed to appeal, in part, to residents of towers that were indefinitely delayed.

West Sixth, formerly known as the Centerpoint Towers

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